About us - Data Management is our thing!

We were founded by a cohort of senior Data Leaders / Chief Data Officers to address a fundamantal gap in skills growth opportunities, which is holding back many organisations from achieving their potential - that is the lack of junior Data Management expertise to drive your data improvement initiatives.

Our mission is to empower young individuals, and experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, by equipping them with highly coveted skills in the field of Data & Analytics. 

Central to our work is hands-on and industry relevant Data Management training programs that enable the next generation of leaders to gain the knowledge and experience they need to supercharge your Data Strategy execution.

We partner closely with Universities to deiver immersive workshops shining a light on this crucial area, to increase awareness and interest.  

Our focus is bridging the data skills gap and nurturing talent to drive the growth of the data economy. Get in touch with us today to join our mission.